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Covid-19: India Fights Corona

₹111,002 Raised of ₹500,000 Goal
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Covid-19 situation marks an unprecedented time in modern history that needs the best efforts of collective humanity to overcome. As you might have seen and read, our poor and underprivileged countrymen are suffering - today, they run the greatest risk of exposure to Covid, hunger as well as other diseases.

Working with Niti Aayog of India and the State machinery, E.F.A. Trust is planning to start the initiative of distributing free masks to farmers and MGNREGA workers. We have chosen Kaimur district (the rice bowl of Bihar) to run the project. At this juncture of the harvesting season, this is critical to help revitalize the food supply chain/economy at the grass roots. We would sincerely request you to support this initiative and help us achieve the target. Pls feel free to share it with like minded people who might support this cause.
About the initiative
There is a severe shortage of masks. As we all know masks help lower the risk of individuals contracting the virus from infected patients. In case of asymptomatic patients this can also help to prevent further spread unknowingly.
We are leveraging women in rural areas to help make these masks and have a local network in place for distribution. This will help in 2 ways - a) create income for women and b) increase supply of masks to help reduce transmission. Attached are some pictures of work in progress.

Plan: 50,000 masks to be distributed across Kaimur (estimated cost of production Rs 10 per mask)
Cost to run the initiative: Rs 5,00,000
Other projects 1) Dawa Mitra 2) Food for Migrant Workers to start soon.

Highlights of EFA

E.F.A. Trust focuses on the social subject of rural empowerment and education. We focus on providing best-in-class education to communities in remote villages of Bihar. We have built 2 schools which provide formal education to 600+ children ranging from ages 3 to 16. Additionally, we run a sports academy where we provide coaching to kids with the right potential from grassroot levels. We have trained 200+ sportsmen till today. I am today proud to count among my children, sportsmen with representation at the national level and various awards at state level across athletic and contact sports. We have seen equally outstanding intellectual achievements at various National Olympiads run by the Science Olympiad Foundation.

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  1. Suraj Shah
    Suraj Shah
    3 years ago

    This is a great initiative and I am happy to help. Would encourage everyone to lend a helping hand wherever possible.

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