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India has represented and won medals and accolades in several global sports events like the Commonwealth Games, Olympics, and the World Cup. And, it’s no surprise that our nation has an abundance of sports talent in fields like cricket, boxing, running, hockey, weight-lifting, volleyball, and badminton.

Infrastructure plays a significant role in the domain of sports. So great is its importance that it could directly affect the performance and progress of the athletes.

What sums up a good infrastructure though? To begin with, the right equipment plays a crucial role. Kits and facilities that match up to global standards are a must particularly when aiming for qualification at international sporting events. In addition, a secure, hygienic, and spacious environment is integral for the continual development and improvement in budding athletes.

Access to such facilities builds their confidence and prepares them to be mentally and physically prepared for the big international challenge we often refer to as the Olympics, Commonwealth, and the Cricket World Cup, to name a few.

While the sports culture is growing rapidly in India, there is still a lack of quality sports infrastructure. It is a well-recognized fact that a large percentage of athletes from our country hail from the rural areas. But, the lack of sports infrastructure in these small districts and villages remains a major challenge that our country is yet to fully overcome.

The government aid provided is insufficient to maintain or develop the right sports infrastructure. Besides, people living in rural parts of the country do not have access to sports clubs. Even if they do, they are generally unable to afford a membership.

Talented athletes from these villages face further limitations as even basic sports fields or grounds are not within proximity.

As a result, the athletes either suppress their talent or turn up underprepared for tournaments and qualifying rounds. It’s often rare when they even make it through a state level championship, thanks to the apathy towards the development of sports in the country.

The objective of EFA Trust is to help our nation overcome this challenge and unravel the true potential of our athletes. Our sports drive aims to tap into the rural sections of society to discover, train, and guide talented youth.

We believe that it all starts with the right infrastructure. We want to encourage them to use the facilities and enhance their skills in sports like kabaddi, volleyball, and kho-kho. Our goal is to inspire the spirited youth from our country’s rural areas to aim for success at the International level.