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Access to National/State Level Coaches

The role of a coach is priceless. A good coach improves the performances of his athletes, inspires and motivates them to do better, and is perceived as a role model. The coach binds the team together and supports the athletes individually to work on their weaknesses and solidify their strengths.

A great part of any athlete’s success is dependent on his coach’s training methods and skills. In addition, an often overlooked yet crucial aspect is his ability to motivate and support the athlete emotionally. Simply put, he remains a constant and integral companion through a sportsman’s early years and the journey to follow.

Although we emphasize on the countless opportunities available in the cities, we have to admit that rural areas give birth to some of the best athletes in our country. Yet, they also remain amongst the most deprived.

Athletes here display a passion for sports and are ready to work hard to develop their skills. However, the lack of facilities and coaching support act as hindrances. Finding a licensed coach often remains a concern, particularly if the athlete is looking to compete on an international level. It is time we shifted attention to a storehouse of talent that waits to be discovered.

The EFA Trust is proactively engaged with identifying and providing coaching for talented youngsters. Our aim is to acquaint them with the best national and state level coaches.

These coaches remain our first choice as they have more exposure in the sports industry. This makes them capable of providing the right skills and training to these athletes. We ensure that the coaches are physically and medically fit, in addition to having a valid license.

While the coaches help them harness their true potential, we provide them with the required equipment and gear to make their goal of being trained sportspersons a dream.