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Over recent years, the cost of education has increased enormously in our country, placing it far away from the reach of most underprivileged families. However, in such instances, scholarships stand as a beacon of hope.

A scholarship is a financial aid for those students who consistently excel in academics. Scholarships in India are generally based on merit, caste, and economic background.These give students a chance to concentrate on their education without worrying about the expenses of their fees and books.

Since education acts as a huge deciding factor for any child’s future, scholarships are able to put behind the hindrances and allow the student to explore opportunities and their own underlying potential.

At the EFATrust, one of our major goals is to provide scholarships to the underprivileged and needy. We support, motivate, and help the students to achieve scholarships for higher education.

Our aim is to provide equal opportunities for these kids, who are often deprived of the necessary facilities required to pursue their dreams.

They lack the funds to purchase books and enroll for classes. They also lack emotional support and guidance, which is something we aim to provide through our organisation.

At the EFATrust, we aim to promote and encourage students to pursue a higher education and empower their lives and those of their families.