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Promoting Education Awareness

Education broadens the horizons of the mind and prepares young children to face challenges. It helps inculcate integral values, knowledge, intelligence and confidence. This phase of transformation is the beginning to great things ahead for every child.

While people from urban areas realize the role of education and aim to create a strong foundation for their young ones, rural India paints a different picture. It is not unusual to see countless villages where education is disregarded. People from these areas are oblivious to the concept of getting an education and prefer to overlook the potential of schooling their little ones. They are unaware of the opportunities after education. Hence, there is a crucial need to help them realize and create awareness about education.

Often, the reasons cited are poverty, the lack of funds and preparatory material. While the reasons may seem limiting, they are in no way the end to securing a child’s future. The underlying problem almost always remains the mental blocks in society. Residents in rural areas often urge their children to take up domestic tasks or help in labor, instead ofhelping them attain an education. This is why the illiteracy rate in India is not surprising.

While poverty, the lack of motivation, and access to the right material remain problems, another major antagonist in the fight for education remains the infrastructure. Rural villages seldom house schools that are within easy access. This pushes young children to walk to other villages, the long-term feasibility of which remains questionable. Gradually, most parents deny sending their children to school for this reason.

In an initiative to weed out this issue, the EFA Trust has taken the onus ofspreading awareness about the importance of education in villages. To motivate people further, we have worked to shed light on government policies and schemes, which have been implemented for their benefit. We conduct sessions and explain the students and their parents about the opportunities that arise after post education. We help them understand about the various jobs they can do after completing education.

Today, we provide educational facilities to more than 60 rural villages in India.We conduct educational campaigns and highlight the plethora of opportunities that lay in store for young kids. In an effort to build on our work, we identify students who are good at academics and provide them with the necessary support.

To back our role as an inclusive educational institution, we have rendered scholarships to deserving children who show an interest in attaining education but lack the financial support. Our purpose is to take education to the underprivileged children and empower them for life!