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Primary and Secondary Education

The journey of a child’s education and all-round development starts at school. It is undoubtedly the first step in building a child’s confidence, knowledge, physical and mental growth.

So integral is a good school that the secured confines of the campus almost transform into a second home for the little ones. They go on to spend a large part of their life in school, building their knowledge and eventually their social relationships.

The situation in the rural areas in terms of educational facilities are extremely poor. Due to the scarcity of educational centers, most of the children end up being uneducated.

There is a need for a proper educational system in the rural areas to help the deprived students gain knowledge and realize their potential. With the help of a proper school, these children will get an opportunity to build a good future and get rid of poverty.

A spacious playground, refurbished libraries and classrooms, a well-maintained campus are the main aspects in an educational structure. Children in urban areas generally have access to International schools and state-of-the-art facilities. However, it is not the same for kids from therural villages of India. They often struggle to get access to a proper education. The schools are small; the classrooms are dingy and dilapidated.To add to the deplorable conditions, the areas suffer power cuts. Preparatory material in the form of books and stationery supplies are hardly accessible to students.

The quality of education remains a problem as the student-to-teacher ratio continues to be disproportionate. The teachers in the rural schools are poorly paid which leads to the lack of attention towards teachers which ultimately affects the quality of education.

The District Information System for Education (DISE) further reinstates this fact with statistics that show that only six schools out of every 10 have electricity supply.

To tackle such problems, the EFA Trust is committed to providing education to the underprivileged children in rural India. Our fundamental mission is to encourage quality learningand a happy environment. We believe that by building a better education system, we are leading the way to a progressive nation.While holistic education remains our goal, the means to achieving the same is good infrastructure and a well-managed system.

Our future are the children of this nation and giving wings to the youth from over60 villages is a mission we have undertaken. Every EFA Trust classroom is enhanced with a hi-tech learning system, through which we are constantly able to tap into young minds, via audio-visual and face-to-face interaction.

We strive for equal education, to harness individual talents, and bring about a holistic development in the children. We are along the way, discovering our future!