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Free Education to Needy

With a population of 1.34 billion, India’s literacy rates are unimaginably low. The rate of poverty is high, and the rate of literacy arouses further despair.

With the lack of public funds and the prevalent poverty, children in villages can barely imagine going to school, let alone attaining a higher education and a secure job. Coming from a background where education is looked upon as a luxury, these kids are compelled to resort to working at a young age to support their families financially. This does little to uplift their living conditions or financial background.

Unlike people in cities who are able to provide the best education to their children along with sports activities and hobby classes, residents of rural areas, are unable to afford the fees, uniforms, books, and transport associated. The additional expenses further deter countless children from pursuing a school education.

In order to bridge the gap and tackle the disparity, EFA Trusthas implemented a program that provides free education to the underprivileged and needy. To reinforce learning and development, various camps and events are organizedfor the kids. The educational campaigns we conduct are aimed at identifying young children who aspire for a higher education and show potential.

Since large parts of rural India are home to the nation’s farm lands, we are also constantly striving to reach out to children of poor farmers. The EFA Trustworks as a constant guide to provide them with the necessary help.

Providing textbooks and notebooks, ensuring that the children get an education in a healthy environment, arranging transport facilities for those who live at a distance from the school, giving college scholarships to the needy youth, and supporting differently-abled children are activities that we are proactively engaged in.

At the EFA Trust, we aim to motivate, inspire, and build leaders for tomorrow!