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Creating Awareness Around Government Social and Welfare Schemes

In India, a majority of our population is living below the poverty line. Most underprivileged families are deprived of the basic amenities in life. They survive and support their families on a meager income.

Even if they want to overcome this situation, they are often unable to do so because of the shortage of resources. Due to this an unending cycle of illiteracy and poverty continues. Owing to these factors, people from rural villages are also rarely aware of their fundamental rights. The government’s attempts at helping them through schemes and programs often go in vain.

On the other hand, some people are aware of the government schemes but are oblivious of the processes to follow. They do not know the right authorities to approach or how they couldbenefit from these social and welfare schemes.

As a way of tackling this concern, the EFA Trustorganizes special sessions for people in rural areas. We explain, educate and create awareness amongst the poor and needy families about the social and welfare schemes that are launched by the Government of India on a regular basis. We enlighten them on how they can avail the various schemes and use them for their benefit. In an instance where we come across interested individuals, we provide end-to-end guidance with the process of availing the scheme.