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Sponsoring Coaching for University Entrance Exams

University entrance exams are tests that are held to determine the knowledge and skills of a student prior to granting them admission. Coaching for university entrance exams is an essential step for the students to decide the career path they wish to take.

There are several coaching classes and centers that coach students for entrance exams and certain tests. However, they charge fees for counseling the students and providing them with the required guidance.

Students coming from rural areas seldom have the resources to pay for these coaching sessions for university entrance exams. They do not have anyone to guide or teach them and often end up losing the opportunity to get an admission in a university. Eventually, most of these students give up on the opportunity to study at a university and take up jobs instead.

EFA Trust guides and sponsors coaching to suchstudents for their university entrance exams. We also provide counseling to them after they have successfully completed 10thGrade. Our school organizes detailed sessions explaining to them about the different fields available and what would suit them the most. We guide them with their entrance exams and prepare them for the tests to follow.

Individual attention is provided to these students and they are assisted with how to clear the big university entrance exam. We also advice them about the career options they couldconsider in the future. To help them in the long run, we train them to identify their strengths and weaknesses and show them how they can work to improve.