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Skill Enablement

The current education and employment scenario requires an individual to possess a certain set of skills. Today every employer seeks an individual with skills. Even factories seek out workers who possess skills. Without them, the opportunities for an individual seem dismal.

The youth of today is facing difficulty in acquiring the right employment opportunities due to the lack of specialized training and skills. The problems get even worse for those who have no financial aid to pursue their skills through related training courses. There are a countless number of young students who have skills, which remain underdeveloped as they do not have access to sufficient resources to help them refine and polish them.

There are students from universities who are good at sports, fine arts, music, apart from other activities. However, without the right coaching and guidance, their skills do not get a platform to develop and grow.

EFA Trust has undertaken the responsibility of skill enablement and to help build a successful future for the underprivileged. We have come across cases where underprivileged students have completed their education but are unable to speak fluent English. Most often, it results in them being rejected by employers. Since they have no additional financial aid, they cannot afford to enroll themselves in a good course.

As a measure to eradicate this roadblock, we provide English speaking courses for such candidates in order to help them attain a secure job. In addition, we offer computer education to those students who lack the funds to pay their fees.

Skill enablement broadens the horizons and empowers youth. It offers the chance to avail of better job opportunities and eventually a promising future.