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The expenses of pursuing a higher education are increasing every year. The books, college fees, and coaching costs much more than the underprivileged can afford. Due to this, an increasing number of students from society give up on their dreams of going to universities. Gradually, this also reduces their chances of getting the employment opportunities they desire.

The result? They are compelled to take up odd jobs to sustain themselves and their families. This keeps the cycle of poverty constant. Scholarships, however, come as a boon in the lives of many students. It provides them with an opportunity to acquire a higher education. More importantly, university scholarships pave the way for better job opportunities for these students.

The EFA Trust provides scholarships to deserving students and helps them to pursue their educational goals. University scholarships provide these students with unmatched opportunities and the chance to let go of their financial burden. With these scholarships, they also get more recognition and appreciation from their prospective employers.

We organize camps and events to recognize students who have scored good marks but due to lack of financial support are unable to afford a university education. We award them with certificates and provide them with scholarships to make their aspirations a possibility!

Often, the underprivileged students who are provided with these scholarships are considered as role models for other students.