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About Us


“At E.F.A. Trust, our vision is to build holistic educational platforms across Rural India with an aim to establish and deliver comprehensive, accessible and affordable infrastructure and services across educational value chain which is replicable, scalable and also adaptable.

The principal to our foundation’s endeavor is our belief in unlocking India’s immense human potential through positively structured and balanced mental and physical education setups focused on enhancing ability and creating capability of India’s next Success Stories in future”


“E.F.A. Trust” strives to become a catalyst for progression, enhancement and enrichment of human capital in rural India through holistic and integrated education, sports and skills platforms”

About Trust

E.F.A. Trust was founded in the year 2011 by Anurag Singh, Jayashree Prakash, and Santosh Singh with the purpose to create world-class educational institutions in the rural areas and providing quality education in a happy environment. We focus on all-round development using global standards and scientific approach thus, creating educated, ethical, and capable individuals with the ability to build a better society and a progressive nation.

E.F.A. Trust promotes and provides education in the rural villages of India. Every child deserves a proper education and sports facility for overall development. Our dream is to help every child from the rural areas to achieve their goals and succeed in life.

We aspire to create sports facilities for the deprived students. We counsel, guide and help sports enthusiasts from the rural areas to grow and get them prepared for national level and International level sports events.

Our strength lies in our team of dedicated individuals. E.F.A. Trust’s uniqueness is in its team which has utmost caliber, focused approach and deep understanding of the rural areas. Our team consists of talented, highly educated, and responsible individuals.

Currently, we are providing education to more than 60 rural villages in India and we plan to expand it to more than 100 villages. Our schools provide individual attention to every student’s needs and requirements. E.F.A. Trust is committed to nurturing the inherent potential and talent of every child.